Do you really want to gain height?

These "Grow Tall" doctor approved pills will give you the results of a massive scientific breakthrough.  They will increase your height by 1 to 6 inches. There are no side effects of painful ankle weights.  There are no stressful exercises or energetic motions to do.  There are no painful insoles in your footwear and no expensive injections to take. And NO surgery is involved whatsoever. With "Grow Tall" you can experience height gain in a short period of time. "Grow Tall" will help you gain confidence in yourself.  You will find that with the height gain the problems you have perhaps had regarding little confidence, the delay in growth and discrimination will rapidly diminish, leaving you a much happier and self assured person.  Being a person who has always been on the short side can entail psychological issues e.g. teasing and being called names.  With "Grow Tall" these can be issues of the past.

Grow Tall.

"Grow Tall" is a unique produced which has been tested and approved and can be described as the most easy and effective way to gain height.  The treatment is so simple and for those who wish to be taller all they need do is to take the capsules in a course according to the height they wish to gain.

To be able to walk into a room and be taller than the majority of people in there would of course be “mind blowing” for people of shorter stature.  Gone are the days when you are told that;

  1. You must exercise
  2. Have surgery
  3. Invest in a course of injections
  4. Have painful insoles put into your shoes

Now there is this unique course of "Grow Tall" which is so easy to take with no side effects.

"Grow Tall" of course will work for people of all statures.  No matter whether you are a teenager or an adult.  An increase of 1inch to 6 inches can be obtained with the "Grow Tall" growth supplement.  "Grow Tall" has a high success rate and studies have shown that a percentage of 96 have been shown, for people between the age of 13 and 40 who have used  this unique supplement.  It has proved to be a product for height gain which of course has increased confidence and the overall well being of the persons who have taken the wise decision to use this unique formula.

The benefits of using "Grow Tall" will also help in the following:
  1. A stronger and more flexibility spine.
  2. An increase in the ability to enhance overall physical fitness and performance
  3. Balance and posture
  4. The awareness of mental and physical relaxation
  5. The reduction in the risk of injuries to muscles, tendons and joints in the body.
  6. Improve and increase metabolism

In other words should you increase your height by 1 – 6 inches your overall physical performance will increase.  You should be able to increase muscle and reduce the effects of aging.  You should feel relaxed within yourself which in turn will increase your mental awareness and give you a feeling of confidence.  The tissues and cells in your body will be protected and you will feel the difference in your overall health.  The cells within your body will be oxygenated thus purifying and increasing the flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) to the brain.  In other words your body chemistry will be taken to the maximum levels leaving you feeling like a new person.

Frequently asked questions and Answers

Is "Grow Tall" Safe and does it have any side effects?

The herbs formulated in "Grow Tall" are bioactive therefore making it safe.  The ingredients used are from herbs and plants that are grown naturally.  Plants and herbs have been used in medicinal purposes for centuries and will always be at the heart of all formulas in herbal medicines.  The Herbal Health Team have invested over 5 years of research into the development of "Grow Tall".  As we have already mentioned there is no surgery, no painful injections and no excessive exercises to perform meaning you have little to do other than take the relevant course of "Grow Tall".  There is no prescription needed for "Grow Tall" as it is made with all natural ingredients and therefore 100% safe.

Most of my family members are short, including my parents.  Will I still be able to benefit from "Grow Tall" or would I just be throwing good money away?

Family history or genetics do not determine your height.  The way you choose to live e.g. your life style, diet all contribute to how your body works.  There are growth hormones within your body.  The anterior pituitary gland (which regulates height growth, tissue growth, cellular repair, fat loss and muscle growth) secretes polypedtide hormones.  This supplementation is the latest advance in height growth.  In Growth Hormone (GH), the master hormone, is released by the anterior pituitary gland which is the master gland.  Although the lack of GH in the body is not critical or life threatening it does play an important evolutionary role in the height of the human being.  The levels of growth hormone do dictate the bone size and height of each human being.    In other words to gain height  we must stimulate the diet with growth hormones.  This is where "Grow Tall" would help to increase the growth hormones by releasing the necessary amounts of hormones which in turn will help and increase the bone size and increase your height.   Your height would not be determined by factors such as current height, skin colour, age or race.  These issues are not relevant to the growth of your bones.

I am thinking of taking a course of "Grow Tall" but am worried as I like to go the gym and do a lot of exercises using weights etc.  Would I still be able to continue to do this?

Because you do keep fit you may find that "Grow Tall" will in fact give you better results.  It is a fact that people who exercise are much healthier which would therefore make the "Grow Tall" course work in co-ordination with your body.

Can I take "Grow Tall" with other supplements?

"Grow tall" contains all natural ingredients and therefore taking other supplements and vitamins will not affect the results given by "Grow Tall".

Can smoking and drinking reduce the chances of "Grow Tall" working?

It is a fact that excessive smoking and drinking are very bad for you and although you may take Grow Tall it would be advisable to cut down on the smoking and drinking to enable "Grow Tall" to work to its full potential. 

When taking "Grow Tall" will I end up with long arms?

In a nut shell No. The stimulation you will receive with "Grow Tall" is natural and will release the growth hormones in proportion to your body.

Do I need to take "Grow Tall" over a long period to maintain my height?

You do not.  If you reach a height that you are happy with then there is no need for you to continue with the Grow Tall.  Your height will not deteriorate should you stop taking "Grow Tall".

When can I expect to see some results?

It can take from 2 to 4 months for some people to achieve noticeable results.   Again some people have seen a result after just taking a one month course.   Obviously not everyone is the same in body structure, weight etc and it may mean taking "Grow Tall" for longer periods to see some results.  It is recommended that you perhaps have a four or six month course to give you better results.

Is there a possibility that I could become addicted to "Grow Tall"?

Not at all. The ingredients used in "Grow Tall" are completely natural and have no addictive side affects whatsoever.  They are completely safe.

Is Grow Tall  FDA approved?

The FDA acknowledges and classifies "Grow Tall" as a dietary supplement.  "Grow Tall" would come under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) which stipulates that the ingredients contained in Grow Tall are non-drug ingredients.  "Grow Tall" would be classed as a dietary supplement only.

What would happen if I missed taking a pill?

If you miss taking a pill, for example one evening, then do not worry – just continue with the dosage you would normally take in the morning.  DO NOT take two pills to compensate the fact that you missed one earlier.

What if I am on long term medication or are pregnant?

If you are on other medication and are worried then you would be wise to speak with your doctor to ask whether taking supplements would interfere with your medication.   If you are pregnant then it would not be advisable to take the supplements until you have spoken with your doctor.


The main cause for not obtaining a full growth potential is primarily due to malnutrition.  Without food our bodies become very weak and we begin to feel extremely frail and have no energy.  The most common cause of growth failure is due to malnutrition which we ourselves have seen in a lot of third world countries.  The body of course needs plenty of proteins and nutrients and with the lack of these ingredients our bodies will not function properly.   If you are lacking in these ingredients then "Grow Tall" can help to build up the body, supplementing it with all the correct nutrients and amino acids that are so necessary in the proper growth of the body.

Growth Hormone:

The pituitary Gland naturally produces the growth hormone.  The ingredients in "Grow Tall" have been scientifically proven to increase the amount of growth hormone which is produced and released by the body.  This increase is safe and is essential for gaining height. 

It was reported in 1996 that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the usage of  HGH, which is a protein based polypeptide hormone.  This stimulates growth and cell reproduction and regeneration in humans as well as animals.   This in turn has helped enormously in the medical field.  It is considered that HGH is the main hormone as it releases a secretion of growth hormones which is of course vital in gaining height.

"Grow Tall" helps to increase your height and will revitalise body functions.  "Grow Tall" will help to support lean muscle mass, will help fat loss.  There are many streams which fit together when using Grow Tall as not only does in help bones and muscles but it also improve glucose tolerance and help stimulate aerobic metabolism.  "Grow Tall" is a nutritional growth supplement and will help hormone release over a period of time which in turn will help in the gain of height.

Using "Grow Tall" would stimulate the pituitary gland and enhance the release of hormones into the 62 bones in the lower part of your body which is the distal end of your Femur and the proximal end of your Tibia which of course in turn will improve the discal portion of the 24 moveable vertebrae on the spinal column.

"Grow Tall" is a supplement which contains no drugs of any kind.  It is safe and completely natural.  With all the scepticism surrounding herbal supplements, it must be said that "Grow Tall" has not had any reported cases of any side effects of any kind.  It is a completely beneficial and effective supplement which offers hope for those who want to increase their height thus making their lives a lot happier.

With the help of "Grow Tall" you can increase your height by 1 – 6 inches just by taking a course of pills which contain all the ingredients you will need to enhance your height.


Our human spinal column has a total of 33 bone segments know as vertebrae, these are held together by ligaments - "tough and fibrous tissue", only the lower 9 vertebrae are "Fused" into 2 immovable bones, the sacrum and coccyx, forming the back of the pelvis. So the remaining 24 vertebrae are permanently movable and will never be fused, These 24 vertebrae include 7 cervical "neck" - 12 thoracic "back of the chest" and 5 lumber "loin". Cartilaginous pads also known as discs are located in-between each of the remaining 24 vertebrae. The thickness of your discs determines the overall length of your spinal column thus determining your current height. There are a total of discs in all and their combined thickness accounts for a large percentage of your overall height, So because these discs are (non-fusible) cartilages, they will grow thicker under the stimulation of "Grow Tall" at any age! This is the principle behind "Grow Tall". "Grow Tall" is designed for Male and Females aged 13 and over YOU WILL gain between 1-6 inches in height whilst using "Grow Tall" The younger you are and the longer you use "Grow Tall" the better your results will be!

Grow Tall doctor approved


For countless generations man's ancestors from around the world have acquired invaluable knowledge and experience of mother nature’s most powerful natural means for achieving positive effects on the human body. Our formulas are the result of this wisdom, refined and perfected by modern science and production methods. The finest and most powerful ingredients are brought together for you perfectly and in the most effective but safe form, potency and dosage.

Grow Tall Ingredients



Ornithine is an amino acid, whose structure is:


Ornithine is one of the products of the action of the enzyme arginase on L-arginine, creating urea. Therefore, ornithine is a central part of the urea cycle, which allows for the disposal of excess nitrogen.

Ornithine is not an amino acid coded for by DNA, and in that sense, is not involved in protein synthesis. However, in mammalian non-hepatic tissues, the main use of the urea cycle is in arginine biosynthesis, so as an intermediate in metabolic processes, ornithine is quite important. It is believed to not be a part of genetic code because polypeptides containing unprotected ornithines undergo spontaneous lactamization. This proved to be a problem when ornithine was artificially incorporated in 21st amino acid systems.


Arginine (symbol Arg or R) is an ?- amino acid. The L-form is one of the 20 most common natural amino acids. In mammals, arginine is classified as a semiessential or conditionally essential amino acid, depending on the developmental stage and health status of the individual. Infants are unable to effectively synthesize arginine, making it nutritionally essential for infants. Adults, however, are able to synthesize arginine in the urea cycle.

Arginine was first isolated from a lupin seedling extract in 1886 by the Swiss chemist Ernst Schulze.


Our clear vegetarian capsules are produced in the European Union by a leading capsule manufacturer.

DIRECTIONS: Take 2 "Grow Tall" capsules daily, one in the morning and the other in the evening leaving a 8/12 hours in-between doses, please eat before during or after taking your capsule, swallow using any non alcoholic drink Do not exceed 6 capsules in a 24 hour time period, If you miss taking one do not take 2 to make up for it, just carry on the next dose as directed.

Here are some testimonials about "Grow Tall" taken from emails received this year.

“Hi, my name is Jon I am contacting you about the Grow Tall I ordered from your site, Thank you so much, I gained 3” in the last 6 months, keep up the good job.” Jon, China

“I am 25 years old from California and I would like to say that this product is probably one of the best I have ever tried, I tried all the other exercises and they did not work, I have gained four inches now so this is definitely the best.” Ronald, USA

“I am Tizel, do you remember me - 4 months ago I email you? This is my other email address, me and my wife become taller with your wonderful pills, We would like to thank you very much! My friend is buying from you too, good luck to you, Tiz.” Tizel, Philippines

“I was told that I cannot grow anymore. If I believed them, then it would be really sad coz I actually grew and increased my height by 8cm. It works and it's extremely affordable! Definitely my best investment so thank you so much for your help.” Rajesh, India

“Well, what can I say? It works, it's natural and it was affordable, 4” taller now thanks to your GROW TALL.” David, Singapore

“Thank you, thank you!, am I glad I found your website. I have grown 4 inches and that little bit more height has made so much difference in my life.” Sam, New Zealand

“I want to thank you for your excellent product. 2.5 inches taller JI strongly recommend Grow Tall to anyone who wants to grow taller. I have told all my family and friends.” Mia, Taiwan

“I would like to congratulate you for providing all of us with a product that really works. I can already see the competition try to put your product down only because they know it works and theirs does not, take care and thank you so very much.” Chris, UK

“I've tried a few products out there now and none of them worked so I thought there was no hope for me. But my gut feeling told me that this would work and it did. After four months I grew three inches and I have never looked back since, Thanks!” Tom, USA

“I wanted results and I got them. This stuff really works. My friends are now taking it. They did not believe me until they saw how much more I grew during the six month treatment I obtained five inches and now look down at them literally; I really appreciate what you guys have done for me.” Dino, Greece

“It took me three and half months to start seeing results. At first I was frustrated but I felt something inside me was working. So I kept taking the supplement as you described and noticed I gained about 1.2 inches in three and half months. By the fifth month I added another two inches quickly, Thank you.” Mary, Philippines

“Not once, but twice grow tall worked on me. I added one inch in three months and then another inch after I started taking it again nine months later. You guys rock.” Phil, USA

“Hi I am Mahyar. I have been doing lots of exercises and diets since far I remember. I never could reach to the height that satisfies me. After trying heaps of useless products, I finally saw my results after using Grow Tall, now I have actually grown 4 cm after 3 months which really amazing. I am still taking this growth system and I am sure by the end of this year I will have my dream height. I have to say thank you so much for your fantastic product.” Mahyer, France

“I guess you do get what you pay for. I tried other stuff to grow taller but no cigar. I did not have the money for Grow Tall so a friend let me borrow some. Once I got my six month supplies worth I did not know that I would end up four inches taller. Every penny was worth it. Thanks you all.” Stuart, UK

“I am 23, Geeta from India and was 180 cm tall. I wanted more height so I tried many products. It was a waste of my hard earned money until I tried your product which worked. I have two more inches and think I will gain more. This stuff is amazing. I want to order more.” Geeta, India

“I heard about you guys on TV and I decided to try it. Well after my first month I decided to get a refund since I did not notice any height. But my girlfriend told me to keep it and wait since results take longer on some individuals. Guess what, she was right. I gained two inches after the fourth month. Man, I would be shorter if it wasn't for her. I am going to marry her. Thanks very much.” Roger, USA

If you would like to give us your feedback and share your experience, please email us when your course has ended, Thank you very much for your feedback, Herbal Health Team.



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